5th Expo-Fair of Minor Cattle celebrated in Cienfuegos

5th Expo-Fair of Minor Cattle celebrated in CienfuegosThe 5th Expo-Fair of Minor Cattle was celebrated in Cienfuegos, in which the 12 societies from the Cuban Association for Animal Production showed the audience their newest findings.

“The Expo- Fair of Minor Cattle in Cienfuegos offers the possibility of learning and exchanging information and knowledge. This time the objective was showing and sharing the newest techniques that the breeders develop to enhance animal genetics, breeding and the final products. I think that this meeting is a school if taken into consideration that now-a-days over 3 000 people in Cienfuegos devote to breed sheep, goats and rabbits”- informed Julio Jova, Provincial Director of the Minor Cattle Enterprise (Spanish acronym EGAME) in Cienfuegos.

Since five years ago the southern families enjoy the attractive samples exhibited. For example, this time they could meet Linda, the current champion in goat milk production n the country. Near her, was located a fine flock of sheep achieved through artificial insemination.

Not too far they could see a new variety of rabbit called Mulata. It is obtained by breeding the Caoba and Chinchilla varieties and according to the experts they are great breeders.

Impossible to miss by the audience was a big champion ram. In his twelve years of life he has had over 100 offspring.

These are some of the curiosities that can be found in this Expo- Fair. Meetings in which conferences on animal food basis are delivered, bibliography is offered and member of science clubs show their knowledge on the different branches of cattle breeding.

“It has been very useful to me; I have learned how to achieve adequate animal feeding. I have bought books and brochures that tech me on the management of cattle. And the main thing has been to exchange with people who do the same labor. You get comforted and willing”- tells Regino Rodríguez from Cienfuegos, biggest producer of goat milk in the country.

In the 5th Expo- Fair of Minor Cattle the 12 participant association also offered their final productions. An opportunity to guarantee food protein.

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