6 000 liters of VIMANG produced in Cienfuegos

vimang-cienfuegosThe Plant of Glucose in Cienfuegos produced the first 6 000 liters of VIMANG, a natural formula based on mango tree barks and having a high anti inflamatory, analgesic and immune- modulator power.

After strict microbiological tests and the adaptation of several parts of the equipment used to obtain carbohydrates from corn, this first production was achieved consulted by LABIOFAM Enterprise Group specialists, a Cuban institution that produces and comercializes this natural medication.

Registered in 21 countries, VIMANG is the fruit of over a decade of scientific research within the ethno- medicine field, led by the Pharmaceutical Chemistry Center in the country and it is also used for the treatment of cancer, infertility, lupus and improvement of life quality in HIV- AIDS patients.

Made from the maceration of 5 tons of mango tree barks, the resulting juice was cooked to 70 celcius degrees in vacuum evaporators, which enabled to achieve high concentrations and also avoids the deterioration of the extract.

“We achieved a 14% concentration, quite higher than that obtained in the main plant in Havana, which was 2%”, stated engineer Alexis  Fernández, technical vice- director of the Plant of Glucose.

This first production was sent in bulk to the capital, where it is to be bottled and distributed through the net of specialized drugstores of LABIOFAM Group, highly demanded due to its curative properties.

According to engineer José de Armas Felices, General Director of the Plant of Glucose, “… we have capacities to surpass from 12 to 15 000 liter top reached in the capital. We can produce up to 18- 20 000 liters per month; levels we intend to reach within the rest of this year, considering three months as our starting stage”.

According to the official, this new line that adds to the traditional ones, acid- enzymatic glucose and corn carbohydrates, surpasses the 60 000 liters achieving 16% concentrations and could represent an extra million and a half pesos in the plant´s income.

He also announced the enhancement of current production conditions based on a project financed by LABIOFAM which will provide a mill and storehouses for raw material and finished products.

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