75 new coffee farms created in Cienfuegos mountains

75 new coffee farms created in Cienfuegos mountainsDuring the current sowing time in the new 75 coffee farms located in Guamuhaya mountain range, created due to the authorization of the government to give away lands as usufruct, new plantations arise and those in use for over 25 years are being replaced.

Varieties of Arabian coffee, the one showing the highest quoted price in the international market, and Robusta coffee cover again 896 hectares in the mountains of Cienfuegos within Guamuhaya Mountain range; lands that were unproductive or abandoned due to lack of resources or labor force.

This rescue operation is part of a national program that prioritizes the delivery of resources to the best harvesters, rises in prices and the re-ordering process of the lands in mountainous regions to be devoted to this crop and it constitutes a prioritized strategy to diminish dependence on foreign markets.

According to engineer Moisés Yoel González Morejón, from the Cumanayagua Coffee Enterprise, a municipality showing the hills fitting this crop, “… the essence of the re- ordering process within the coffee production lays on compacting the harvest areas, using the soils that show the highest productive potential, and those are the ones that we have given to new farmers or to those who wanted to expand their coffee plantations”.

“I always wanted to have a coffee plantation and the fact of receiving some acres has been the way to achieve that. I have sown these abandoned soils and I hope to harvest over 36 tons of the grain in 4 years”, stated Leonel Toledo Dueñas, a 31- year-old man who received lands as usufruct at “El Naranjo” community, nearly 590 feet over sea level.

This is legally possible according to Acts 259 valid since July 2008 which rules the delivery of government owned lands and 289, which establishes that small farmers may obtain a certain extension of land as usufruct, while state entities will have no limits to expand their areas.

“Many of these new farms are located over 750 meters above the sea level, in hills that due to their special climate produce “excellent flavor in the cup” coffee, technically called so based on its high price in the international market”, assures specialist Gonzalez Morejon; he also added that “… with the fruit of this harvest we elaborate the Crystal Mountain product, mainly directed to the Japanese market”.

The new 75 farms should contribute to the completion, area renovation and increase of productivity in the province, whose aim for 2015 is to reach 577 tons of the grain, a moment set as deadline for the re ordering process of coffee industry in the country.

In Guamuhaya lands other 91 properties have been given away, most of them (48) for cattle breeding; 42 devoted to harvest vegetables and grain and forestry development.

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