“A -Tentaciones Compartidas”: a spectacular proposal from Velas Teatro

“A -Tentaciones Compartidas”: a spectacular proposal from Velas TeatroCreating an interactive space in which the boundaries of art fade is one of the styles of the performing group “Velas Teatro” in Cienfuegos, quite coherent with contemporary times.

“A-Tentaciones Compartidas” is a sort of collage, resource of expressive arts used for this integrated proposal, in which a series of manifestations converge without turning it into a hegemonic discourse.

Respecting the values of each and every artistic identity, full multiplicity of voices coincides to seduce the spectator, active participant of the pop show. From the world of fashion, the catwalk promotes the designs of “Expresarte” group from Dianko Menéndez, also displayed by the actresses of “Velas Teatro”.

In that whole a series of fragmented monologues become characterized by these artists to present “Mi vagina quiere…” (English My vagina wants…) which deal with the conflicts of women associated to sexuality.

Rocío Villafaña also takes part in this artistic event, whose works exposed as a gallery function as scenic element of the show.

The proposal denounces the promotional manipulation of the image of women that the media tries to impose following the interests of marketing; being this the motif of the thematic line of this young artist who has led her vision towards this well- known phenomenon since the beginning of her career.

On this matter, she points out: “This big series started along with my graduate thesis; the way in which women are pressured by certain beauty standards imposed. In this struggle they transform and get deformed due to the excessive use of certain artifacts. It is more like a loss of one´s identity while chasing these standards”.

Such concepts are used as connective link for the rest of the actions in process, to whose dynamics they incorporate the media issues, commerce and cold imitation. Assertive form of uniting diversity of languages that, in Velas Teatro´s way, gets close to the contemporary artistic vanguards.

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