ACLIFIM´s Weightlifting National Championship concluded in Cienfuegos

ACLIFIM´s Weightlifting National Championship concluded in CienfuegosWith the contest corresponding to the + 100 kg division concluded in Cienfuegos the ACLIFIM´s Weightlifting National Championship, in which 33 handicapped athletes from the 14 provinces of the country competed.

Villa Clara led the general scoreboard with three titles and a bronze medal, after setting a fierce struggle versus Matanzas, also winning three gold medals.

In the third position were tight La Habana and , both winning a gold medal and a silver one.

Eventually, all provinces won at least one bronze medal, except Havana City´s team, the only one out of the scoreboards.

In the competition carried out at Guernika Room in Cienfuegos, three national records were set plus a pan American one, from 60 kilograms Danilo Rodríguez, a participant from Matanzas who is also a member of the Cuban pre selection of this sport.

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