Advances reforestation program in Cuba by sowing 2 and a half million plants in September

Advances reforestation program in Cuba by sowing 2 and a half million plants in SeptemberThe urban and suburban agriculture programs, the Committees for the Defense of the Revolution (spanish acronym CDR) and the Forest Services of the Republic of Cuba acknowledged the participation of the 169 municipalities of the country in the massive reforestation campaign carried out during September, an endeavor that enabled the sowing of a considerable amount of plant trees.

“Over two and a half millions of plants were sown. 75% of them belonged to forest varieties, 21.1% to fruit varieties and 4.1% to ornamental varieties”- informed PhD Adolfo Rodríguez Nodals, Chief of the National Group for Urban and Suburban Agriculture.

According to reliable data the top ten municipalities in the country regarding this activity are: Segundo Frente, Jagüey Grande, Yateras, El Salvador, San Cristóbal, Guantánamo, Baraguá, Placetas, Palmira and special municipality Isla de la Juventud.

In general, Matanzas, Guantánamo and were the provinces that contributed the most in the reforestation of avenues, highways, streets and small hydrographical sites.

In Cuba, before 1959 only 14% of areas were reforested. Since then it has been a priority to increase our vegetation heritage. “According to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) within the United Nations, every country should have a minimum 25% of reforestation areas. Our country has almost achieved this goal”, assures Rodríguez Nodals.

Thus, there will be new calls to continue purifying our environment. “We are already summoning a new campaign for next October 10th. This time we will focus on fruit tree sowing. This way we will also contribute to build a healthy food supply for our people”.

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