Ambitious goals for INDER in Cienfuegos for the current summer season

Ambitious goals for INDER in Cienfuegos for the current summer seasonAs every summer season, the National Institute for Sports and Recreation (spanish acronym INDER) in Cienfuegos province has designed a wide program of activities directed to the recreation and leisure of our people.

This time the sports institution intends to expand its presence to a larger number of popular councils, prioritizing coastal villages and difficult access towns, sugar mill areas, penitentiary facilities, Turquino Plan zones (mountainous regions), rivers and beaches in the territory.

For the achievement of such endeavor they count on sufficient technical labor force that surpasses 2 500 people, including activists and students taking part in the Students Working Brigades (Spanish acronym BET)

K-9 sport and martial arts exhibits, Sports and Recreation Festivals, dominoes contests, Let´s play programs and talk shows with sports personalities from Cienfuegos are among the most attractive proposals.

All municipalities in the province have been taken into consideration in this program, as well as Ariza and La Sabana penitentiary facilities.

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