“Anastasio Cárdenas” Factory in Cienfuegos guarantees quality of Cuban tobacco

"Anastasio Cárdenas" Factory in Cienfuegos guarantees quality of Cuban tobaccoFrom its reference in the international market, the production of Cuban tobacco is vital in our economy.

In Cienfuegos, over 170 workers from the “Anastasio Cárdenas” Factory are putting into practice some initiatives to accomplish the year plans. Nevertheless, there are aspects that counteract the final results.

According to manager Tania Perera, “… the work dynamics has been set as continuous efforts from all workers to accomplish the plan in terms of both, physical units and values. In this last aspect we haven´t met the plans due to changes in financing management after the 15th day of the month, since they are obtained in the international market and get to the entities with delay.

In terms of physical units produced the factory surpasses the plans to a 108% and the sales intended for national consumption have been successfully carried out, not so in the case of exports. This is so due to that in spite of the strategies traced to purify the raw material, the labors are still delayed.

“Actually the raw material lacks the optimum quality required. In this sense, we have adopted measures such as the Barajita system, a department in charge of selecting it so that the material gets to the workers as good as possible with the objective of finishing the cigar meeting the required parameters, which do not admit flexibility”, stated the manager.

Considered a hand- made work and made mainly by women, Cuban cigars give prestige to our industry. It is a must, then, doing our best for this acknowledgment to endure.

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