Applied solutions in Cienfuegos to keep working bakeries using Chinese modules

Applied solutions in Cienfuegos to keep working bakeries using Chinese modulesMembers of the National Association of Innovators and Reorganizers (spanish acronym ANIR) in Cienfuegos apply solutions to keep working bakeries with Chinese equipment and reduce power consumption.

Overheating in the mixing motor generated greater electrical waste; then, the creativity of two innovators from the food enterprise in Palmira municipality in Cienfuegos arose: Ortelio González Puerto and Ricardo Campillo Rodríguez, both from the Basic Enterprise Unit of the Food Industry.

Before the first pitfall the solution was based on separating the equipment from the floor to facilitate air circulation. According to the specialists the change of illumination in the stove for 110 volt bulbs solved the lack of 220 volt lamps. This situation forced the operator to continuously open the door in order to check the process with the consequent loss of heat and humidity and of course greater power consumption.

“But undoubtedly, the generalization of an equipment to produce the necessary steam in the stoves through an electrode that substitutes the original humid resistances constitutes the main contribution”, adds Ortelio and he explains that “there are two problems that affect us while working with this equipment: first, they are not designed to function under the high topical temperatures, and second, the lack of spare parts, so we started looking for solutions to these problems using our own resources”.

The technological enhancements have propitiated that the average power consumption in Palmira does not surpass 270 kilowatts per ton of bread elaborated, while the average in the province goes beyond 284. Over 100 megawatts per hour have been saved from January to the current moment in the bakeries of Palmira, Lajas and Rodas municipalities due to energy efficiency.

And what is most important, the population keeps receiving a highly compensated product since the government has to import over 50% of the ingredients and bread holds excellent quality.

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