Baseball Super league starts in Cienfuegos

Baseball Super league starts in CienfuegosOnce concluded the Baseball Provincial Series, the pre selection from Cienfuegos reinforces its training sessions, now aiming to the Super league, a match that will start officially next Saturday in Lajas Municipal Stadium, headquarters of the monarchs of the just ended southern tournament.

A group of 50 players was selected taking into account their individual performance in the provincial event, which integrates the teams of Damují and Mal Tiempo, according to the geographical location of the territories they represented.

The schedule of the Super league includes 15 games. Matches will be held on Wednesday at 5 de Septiembre Stadium, whereas Thursdays and Saturdays the actions will be taken to the fields of the popular councils of different municipalities.

On the opening day a program is scheduled hat includes skills competitions and homerun derby. Below we offer the line ups of both teams and the All- Stars selection from the Provincial Series, thanks to the contribution of Daisuki González, statistic from the Cienfuegos Baseball Commission.

Damují team:

Catchers: Adir Ferrán (Cruces), Juan Carlos Melián (CRU), Asiel Rodríguez (Abreus) and Denny Helguera (Rodas). In fielders: Bárbaro Rodríguez (Aguada de Pasajeros), Osniel Rodríguez (Palmira), Yosiel Prieto (ABR), Andy García (PAL) and Jean Suárez del Villar (ROD). Out fielders: Yusniel Ibáñez (Cienfuegos), Alexei García (AGU), Juan Miguel Vázquez (ROD), Emilio Pérez (ABR) and Danny Pérez (ABR). Pitchers: Alien Capote (ROD), Yuniel Leyva (ROD), Jorge Hernández (ROD), Yasmani Fernández (ABR), Yasmani Insua (ROD), Randy Gutiérrez (CFG), Leorisbel Sánchez (CFG), Yuniel Vargas (ABR), Duniel Ibarra (ABR) and Germán Valdés (AGU).

Mal Tiempo team:

Catchers: Osvaldo Arias (PAL), Camilche Veloz (Lajas) and Michel Martínez (PAL). In fielders: : Juan Miguel Soriano (CRU), Adriano García (PAL), Darián González (LAJ), Carlos Gómez (LAJ), Alejandro Consuegra (LAJ), Yasmani Pérez (CRU) y Yoinel Abreus (PAL). Out fielders: Asney López (CRU), Daniel Pileta (LAJ), Lázaro Rodríguez (PAL), Yoelvis Leyva (CRU) y Pedro González (PAL). Pitchers: Alexander Quintero (CRU), Luis A. Guzmán (LAJ), Noelvis Entenza (PAL), Samuel Ruiz (CRU), Reinier Cantero (LAJ), Genny Trimiño (CRU), Yosvani Aguilar (CRU), Alexander Guerrero (Cumanayagua), Danny Hernández (LAJ), Frank San Martín (AGU) y Lázaro Águila (CRU).

All- Stars:

Catcher: Dainier Abrahantes (CUM); 1st base: Juan Miguel Soriano (CRU); 2nd base: Darián González (LAJ); 3rd base: Yosiel Prieto (ABR); short stop: Erisbel Arruebarruena (ABR); out fielders: Daniel Pileta (LAJ), Asney López (CRU) and Alexei García (AGU);  lefty pitcher:  Yasmani Fernández (ABR); right handed pitcher: Jorge Hernández (ROD); relay pitcher: Genny Trimiño (CRU).

Cumanayagua led offensive showing 299 collective ave. while Rodas led pitching (1, 58 ERA) and Aguada de Pasajeros the defense (973).


Municipality                 Nomination

Cruces                        (CRU)

Lajas                           (LAJ)

Cumanayagua              (CUM)

Abreus                       (ABR)

Aguada de Pasajeros   (AGU)

Cienfuegos                (CFG)

Rodas                       (ROD)

Palmira                     (PAL)

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