Benny Moré International Festival

Benny Moré International Festival The Benny Moré International Popular Music Festival, which will take place from November 13th- 15th, in Santa Isabel de las Lajas, will honor the Sonero Mayor in all Cuban provinces.

José Oriol Valladares, General Director of the event, declared to AIN that shortly these acknowledgments and celebration of galas will be initiated in Granma, Santiago de Cuba and Guantánamo.

There it will perform an artistic delegation from Cienfuegos and from the outstanding musician´s place of birth, as a way of honoring the link stated by Benny along his life.

Oriol also added that every municipality in Cienfuegos province will hold its own festivity standing out the most genuine cultural background in a quite Cuban party, just as Bartolomé García Moré was.

The initiative, which gives a special touch to the Festival, is a beautiful opportunity to honor he who not only sang all over the country, but also dedicated songs to different Cuban villages and towns. In the event, which is held every two years, will be carried out expositions, talks, masterly conferences, and the presentation of bands of high popularity among dancers.

The results of various literary and painting contests on El Bárbaro del Ritmo will be delivered in those days as well as the traditional pilgrimage to the singer´s grave.

On the other hand, Elvia Alina Gamio, Director of Culture in Lajas, stated that numerous maintenance and capital restoration actions are being carried out in several cultural institutions and other places related to Benny´s life.

Among them, top priority is granted for the Art Gallery, the Municipal Museum, the Casino de los Congos, the Ranchón and Café Cuba, venue of the singer´s habitual performances.

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