Blood Bank in Cienfuegos acquires cell splitter device to obtain platelets

Blood Bank in Cienfuegos acquires cell splitter device to obtain plateletsA cell- splitter device that enables extracting blood platelets during the drive process itself, starting functioning at the Provincial Blood Bank in Cienfuegos.

This technology made in China and purchased by the Ministry of Public Health enables to carry out plateletpheresis, the isolation of the different components of blood according to their density through centrifugation.

During the process the platelets are retained in a bag and the rest of the blood fluids are restored to the donor who recovers faster, in 72 hours when the person is ready to give blood again.

Another advantage of this method is that from 10- 13 units can be obtained from only one donor, equivalent to 2 dosages.

“This implies greater safety for the receivers, since they no longer expose to biohazard resulting from receiving platelets from different donors“, assures specialist Amarelys Soto, from the Provincial Blood Bank.

“So far obtaining platelets was made through a full donation and complicated lab processes; 6 donors were required to complete the same amount of units that conform only one dosage”, added the specialist.

Platelets are blood components that work as protectors of blood vessels; they create a plunge to stop bleeding from lesions and produce substances that work on injury healing.

Their use is vital in leukaemia patients or patients suffering haemorrhage due to thrombocytopenia or platelet malfunction; also intracranial and digestive tract losses.

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