Buena Fe´s new CD: reflection of the Cuban singer´s identity

Buena Fe´s new CD: reflection of the Cuban singer´s identityBuena Fe band performed in Cienfuegos fitting its national tour along with Cultural Society, to promote the CD Pi (3.14). During their stay in the province band director Israel Rojas acceded to answer some questions related to this new record production.

In Pi (3.14) the reflection of the country´s situation is recurrent, contrasted with the historical figure of the Apostle. Is this a CD tinted with Cuba´s present and past?

“Pi (3.14) is a song to reinforce our identity; the CD in general goes that way, trying to support vital elements in our lights and shadows. Martí, since it is to be a CD that marks the returning point especially in this moment when the intention is to reorient and think the country through, I think the starting point should always be the Apostle. As for us it constitutes a tremendous honor to carry out this tour in an atypical way all over the country, organized by the Cultural Societies in every territory. We are very happy with that and with helping the Society to radiate even more Marti’s thoughts”.

Buena Fe questions orphan responsibilities; daring in their lyrics, sincere to the audience. Immersed in the improvement process the country faces, will Buena Fe remain as transparent as it is?

“We have done nothing but trying to be honest with our times and our way to see the world. We are not perfect, sometimes we cross the line, some others we don´t even get to the line, sometimes we hit bull’s-eye. But this is what we are, some fantasy inventors, a kind of people that do not intend to be right, we don´t want to be leaders of anything nor banners; we are just artists that intend to fit their time and try together to make a better country, to give our children this questioning endeavor but always from construction and positivity points of view”, concluded Rojas.

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