Calling for educating arises in the students of Cienfuegos Pedagogical School

Calling for educating arises in the students of Cienfuegos Pedagogical SchoolThe images shown today by “Octavio García  Hernández” Pedagogical School in Cienfuegos province is completely different from the one observed some one month ago.

Back then, discontent reigned in many of the students since the selection of school teaching as a profession was only a solution before the impossibility of registering senior high school courses.

“Since I was a child I used to say that in the future I would be a doctor; unfortunately, for only 5 tenths of a point I couldn’t register in any senior high school. Those were quite difficult days I don’t want to remember. I got to this school because I could not quit studying and this was another option”, tells us Lianne.

“I wanted to enter Camilo Cienfuegos Military School, but due to physical illness they did not accept me. I decided entering the pedagogical school but I felt no call towards being a teacher”, explains Yohania.

Lianne and Yohania are merely two examples. Lack of vocation towards pedagogy covered quite a high number among the 370 students who began preparing here.

The teaching staff was aware that their mission was not going to be an easy one. Starting delivering contents from the basic subjects so that these students could be prepared in four years for becoming educators and primary school teachers was not enough. They had to raise, little by little, the call for teaching in these youngsters. Short time has gone, it’s true, but it seems to be that their methods have been effective.

A good deal of their students shows interest towards the subjects Introduction to the Specialty and Infant Anatomy and Physiology.  They assure these subjects have made them listen to the call for being a teacher, since those matters teach them methods to communicate with the children and discover the importance of this work.

It cannot be denied the fact that many of these teenagers are learning to value the importance of this profession they will take in the future, however a long way is to be taken to conquer the very end of these schools. The dream of this teaching staff will come true when in the near future many of these youngsters feel proud of being educators and defend the vocation they nurture today.

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