Cattle breeders work to increase milk production in Cienfuegos

Cattle breeders work to increase milk production in CienfuegosCattle breeders from Cienfuegos take on actions to increase their productions. In this province 6 out of 8 municipalities are self- supplied with fresh milk, delivered by the farmers.

Routine becomes in habit, and there it begins a tradition in Juraguá Popular Council, in Cienfuegos. Every day, over 1000 people receive in their cellars the milk produced at Niceto Pérez Basic Unit for Cooperative Production.

Rodolfo Noelvis is one of the 87 farmers that supply the cellars in Juraguá. He extended his lands taking advantage of Act 259. He grew pastures and fodder scientifically enhanced at the Cuban Institute for Animal Science.

He not only quit using imported fodder he needed before but also keeps an average superior to 8 litters of milk per animal, during these months in which rain has refused to appear.

Rodolfo also practices double milking and he fosters the artificial breeding of calves. He seeks to increase his milk deliveries, which is not only intended for the population but also for the industry.

His experiences have generalized among the other farmers in the area. Niceto Pérez Basic Unit for Cooperative Production is inserted in the Million Litters of Milk Movement.

In these plains in Lajas municipality, intelligence and hard work enrich the local customs and traditions of people who get what they are able to produce.

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