Caupí beans generalized in Cienfuegos

frijol-caupi-cfg“It rains a lot. It was like this yesterday; today it seems it´s going to be the same”, comments Elsie Montenegro, producer from Santa Isabel de las Lajas municipality in Cienfuegos province.

Rain, however, is the medicine for this type of grain, assure workers from La Lima farm. The experience of these farmers confirms that the Caupí variety tolerates a lot better than other types of beans a rainy and humid weather.

And if that weren´t enough, the efficiency in this land is about 100 kilograms per hectare disregarding extreme attentions. “This is a kind of bean you can clean once or twice; it closes fast and grows even faster; its cycle is short, it can be harvested in 80 days”, adds the producer.

Agrotechnical data reveal that it is very resistent to plagues, but undoubtedly its highest economic and socuial value lays on the fact that Caupí bean can be harvested all year long. To reverse the prodcution descence in the first semester of the current year, a national  program guarantees the sowing of 100 000 hectares of beans between September 2010 and January 2011.

That is why today, Caupí beans grow in over 700 hectares within Cienfuegos territory. The specialists from the Grains Program within the Territorial Delegation of Agriculture, Mario Scrubb, assures that the province started sowing 680 kilograms brought from sancti Spiritus province, and now it is reproduced in all municipalities of the province. “We passed from having no variety to 8 Caupí varieties in Cienfuegos”, adds the specialist. Up to now, we have harvested over 400 tons for the sales in the state markets of the province. According to Scrubb, surveys applied in the territory reveal great popular acceptance for this product.

While telling us about his personal experience Elsie Montenegro afirms that it is quite tasty, “… all my neighbors have cooked them; I have given them away to many people here in Lajas, both as seeds and to be cooked and it truly requires few condiments to get good flavor and it is very easy to cook”.

Composition studies reveal that Caupí variety has 25% protein, superior to the common bean.

So, tasty, affordable in terms of home economy and beneficial as an alternative for the country that annually imports about 60 000 tons of beans, Caupí generalizes in the South- Central part of the island.

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