CDR members give away over 400 000 blood donations

CDR members give away over 400 000 blood donationsMembers of the Committees for the Defense of the Revolution organization (Spanish acronym CDR) voluntarily gave away 485 000 blood donations, in the 50th anniversary of the biggest popular organization in the country.

Juan José Rabilero Fonseca, national coordinator of CDRs, pointed out during the provincial meeting of this organization in Cienfuegos that these results constitute one of the achievements of CDRs in this half century, when they were created by Commander in Chief Fidel Castro, on September 28th, 1960.

Over 300 000 donors contributed to the systematicness in the delivery of the vital fluid, supply source for the demands of all Cuban hospitals, stated Rabilero Fonseca.

He also added that to commemorate the anniversary the donors contributed with nearly 100 000 liters of plasma as well, blood component used in the elaboration of certain medications such as Intraglobin and human albumin to 20%, quite expensive in the international market.

The official affirmed that after 50 years the over 80 million CDR members remain vigilant, while they transform the methods and work styles according to the present times.

Although advances have been achieved, the organization still lacks to consolidating its policy for the work with officials in the basic stages, which must raise their preparation so that CDRs remain in the vanguard of the society, stressed Rabilero Fonseca.

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