Cienfuegos Enterprise guarantees vitality of sugar cane machinery

Cienfuegos Enterprise guarantees vitality of sugar cane machineryThe “José Gregorio Martínez” Oil- hydraulics Enterprise in Cienfuegos manufactures the spare parts required by the Cuban Ministry of Sugar for its farming machinery. The entity guarantees the sugar cane harvest in the forthcoming harvest time and avoids the importation of such products by the government.

Form its workers will depend the efficiency of the farming machinery during the sugar cane harvest time in the period 2009- 2010.

This year they produced 20 000 water spouts and over 1000 cylinders. Without these components, the hydraulic systems and the nationally produced KTP-3000 harvest machines could not work.

For the Cuban government such productions represent savings for the 60% of the money to be invested if bought in the world market; which would mean several millions of dollars.

The rolls of special water spouts brought from developed countries nearly fill the floors of the assembly shops. But to turn raw material in assets implies to keep active a thirty- year- old technology: the finishing line where the metallic terminals that adjust the hydraulic waterspouts are obtained.

“These machines, which were bought from another enterprise, were second hand so we had to adapt some devices using the remaining parts from the original ones; we had to manufacture the clutches from the gear boxes which are electromagnetic and arrived defective; the machines´ raw material feeders and parts of the programming systems were repaired as well as parts of the lubrication system;” explained innovator- operator Jorge Luis Prado, one of the most experienced among the industry´s personnel.

The rescued machinery holds a rhythm of 3 000 units from different types in 8 hours; and this enterprise  is a mass production center which also joins other nationally strategic projects.

“Within sugar´s production range there is fundamental elements which are the KTP harvest machines. Today, the country is entitled to the production of the KTP 5000 which is almost finished. We have been given the task of producing all the hydraulic hose needed for this type of harvest machine, which represents nearly 300 units of different types. This production shall be materializing by February 2010”, stated B.Sc. Amado de Armas, Head Director of the entity.

One of a kind in the country, the Empresa Oleohidráulica, according to its commercial name in the island, was conceived by Commander Ernesto Che Guevara, during his performance as Minister of Industry in Cuba. It was inaugurated in October 1964.

This Cienfuegos enterprise meets the Cuban Ministry of Sugar´s total demand of such spare parts in the country. There it lays the indisputable disposition of its most important resource: its workers.

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