Cienfuegos´ glory returns to the ring

Cienfuegos´ glory returns to the ringThe Sala Guernika, enthusiastic host for the Central Pole of the National Boxing Team Championship, held the additional privilege of receiving the return of an outstanding figure of Cienfuegos´ pugilism.

After his retirement from active sport, Félix Lemus walked away from boxing due to different causes. Now, after several years, the once successful heavyweight boxer finally decided to work as a trainer.

“You know, they talked me into the fact that this is where I must be. Actually, they had talked to me before but I didn´t make up my mind“, expressed Lemus.

The man who made the audience stood in his historical matches versus the almost invincible Teófilo Stevenson, faced in his first competition form the corner an indescribable wave of emotions.

“It is inexplicable. I try to control myself but it isn´t easy. Of course I´ve been about to go up the ring. I feel as if I was the boxer and from my seat I elude hits and throw combinations”.

He is just beginning his new role, but his vast experience on the ring enables him to give his opinion on Cienfuegos now-a-day´s boxing situation.

“There is potential, certainly. The boxing trainers in Cienfuegos have always been characterized by a serious work and they have collected the results. There you have the results in the juvenile, school, pioneer and students´ categories. The fact is that after this final period many athletes abandon the sport, they don´t keep continuity to this logical chain. This is our present endeavor, and that´s why you could see very young boxers in this Team Championship. I am confident about the future. You´ll see”.

Hundreds of fights in all kinds of events, most of them characterized by victory, form his personal record. Now he feces a much more difficult combat: transmitting his experience to those who are to follow his lead.

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