Cienfuegos harbor distinguished due to economic efficiency

Cienfuegos harbor distinguished due to economic efficiencyCienfuegos city´s harbor has continuously improved during the last years, starting with a series of organizing measures regarding structure and operations as well as the economic and productive efficiency.

So far this year 2010 this facility has managed almost one million 15 000 tons of cargo, reporting significant increase in terms of imports and exports surpassing the intended plans, although this is not so regarding cabotage to different regions of the country. Cargo equipment transporting soy bean, corn, paper, coal and cement among other products depart from its modern docks.

According to the Director of the Central Harbor Services Enterprise, Marino Rodríguez Cárdenas “… the income regarding quick dispatch surpasses half a million pesos saved for the country, due to the endeavor of the Harbor- Transportation- Internal Economy link and the efforts of the staffs that increase the efficiency of the ships”.

Formerly, Cienfuegos harbor used to pay up to 2 million pesos in terms of stay without benefits and this situation has currently been reversed. Harbor workers intend to achieve this year one million 300 000 tons, even though the plan was set to one million 155 000 and as Rodríguez Cárdenas specifies “… it depends on the economic development of the country and the ins and outs of merchandize”.

Economic standards show efficient results: for example, total incomes and net sales are above 100% of the plans, and added values surpass 121% and grows comparing them to those of the previous year; moreover, keeping the average amount of workers considerably increases productivity, over 20%.

“The harbor- adds the Director of Services- has developed overcoming the hard stages of the Special Period for the maintenance and repair works due to the four hurricanes that in the last years destroyed facilities”.

This harbor of vital importance for the economy advances due to the joined efforts of workers of other institutions, who achieve the current favorable conditions to face the coming challenges, points out Marino Rodríguez. Development is assured through technological perspectives that forsee considerable boom in the coming years.

Rodríguez Cárdenas also acknowledges the performance of the workers and organisms that integrate the work in the Harbor- Transportation- Internal Economy link.

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