Cienfuegos´ nominations to the Heritage National Awards

Cienfuegos´ nominations to the Heritage National AwardsSince the very first time, in year 2000, that the National Office for Monuments and Historical Sites called the Heritage National Award, the proposals from Cienfuegos have been acknowledged in the consecutive editions.

Built under the influence of colonial style from the first half of the 19th century, the Culture House and Museum Room from San Fernando de Camarones in Palmira municipality, is a nominee for the Award in the category of up keeping.

The building that preserves the values that make it unique as a traditional construction of the Spanish Guardia Civil, was used during the neocolonial period as a domestic site, preserving until our days the integrality of its structure, merit that enabled in 1990 its declaration as Local Monument.

In Punta Gorda residential zone, one of the most attractive ones in Cienfuegos city, raises the Casa Verde Guest House, pertaining to Encanto Hotels from Cubanacán Group, award nominee in the category Restoration.

A sample of the urban development in the first quarter of the past century, the construction shows a marked eclectic style, one of the most valued ones in the area, acknowledged by UNESCO as protected.

It is distinguished in its profuse decoration by the use of marble, tiles and sculptures, some authentic and others added to the original design with coherence and elegance. The works on iron, wood, and glass have the seal of the territory, legitimizing the heritage value that makes imperishable the cultural memoir of an architectonic jewel that goes beyond time.

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