Cienfuegos province favored by allowance of 5 garbage- collecting trucks

Cienfuegos province favored by allowance of 5 garbage- collecting trucksCienfuegos province was favored by the allowance of 5 garbage- collecting trucks, thanks to financing earmarked for the development of an endogenous project fostered by the city though the Cuban- Venezuelan alliance.

In this way the Southern Pearl will keep to a greater extent the city cleanliness which has historically characterized it. Now, with the benefit of these 5 garbage- collecting trucks, the labor of community services´ workers will be easier and more humane along the pick- up routes.

Such new means of transportation are supported by Chinese technology at a cost of 62 000 dollars each.

The new trucks are functionally similar to the traditional models, but with a capacity of 30 m3 compacted, upgraded comfort and lesser fuel consumption.

The stock for the main municipality is formed by 14 mechanical equipments, and the new ones will propitiate a more favorable situation to face technical difficulties that might become an obstacle for daily collection. Indispensable accessories for the preservation of such means were purchased in order to provide maintenance to specialized technology, such as workshop tools, plants for washing and lubrication and tire repair. The structure for the base located in Junco Sur people´s council will also be upgraded.

Up to this moment everything has been carefully planned, so Cienfuegos ´actions towards hygiene and garbage collection are enhanced. What now remains is every citizen´s contribution so that the city honors its title of Southern Pearl, Cuba´s most beautiful and clean city.

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