Cienfuegos province fosters Weightlifting in the female sector

Cienfuegos province fosters Weightlifting in the female sectorAlthough in 1993 Cienfuegos participated in a national competition, it was not until 2007 that this province integrated officially to female weightlifting, when five athletes participated in the Cerro Pelado traditional event.

Today the province presents 8 athletes in this discipline, among which Dianelis Salazar outstands, member of the national selection.

Elías Quesada is the Chief of the Provincial Technical Commission and one of the great precursors of this modality in the Pearl of the South

“The taboos that surround female weightlifting make its massive extension quite difficult, but we have taken great steps and there are several girls who come to us interested in practicing this sport. It is a beautiful sport and we must reckon that they assimilate the techniques a lot faster, maybe due to their greater elasticity”.

The group that trains at EIDE Jorge Agostini aims at the 2010- 2011 School Games. Most of them come from other sports and they have assimilated in short time the peculiarities of this new modality.

“Since I was little I watched it on TV and I liked it- states Ana Melba Cruz, one of the ones who decided to take the step forward- I took it as a challenge and here I am. If men can do it, why not us?”

“We are sure that these girls will give us great joy. They do their best and they have noticeable potentialities. In short time you will come back and you will get a good article”, sentences the coach.

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