Cienfuegos ´wrestlers optimistic by the beginning of new period

Cienfuegos ´wrestlers optimistic by the beginning of new periodIn the last years wrestling in Cienfuegos has been working hard to accomplish a come back to important stages. The first competition within the present period will be the Students ´League, in which Southern athletes are willing to improve their results.

In the former year the main accomplishments of wrestling in Cienfuegos came from the pioneer category, after achieving a gold medal and a bronze one. This implied a rebirth of a discipline that struggles to return to first positions in the country.

In their training camp at the EIDE these athletes prepare for the Students´ League, an event that will initiate the competitive horizon in April.

Iván Gastón leads one more time the coaching staff and in his opinion ‘… in this competition we must better up our results since we are presenting for the second time two athletes with great conditions; while among the others, who are coming from the pioneer category, we also have medalists in that contest. ‘

Although the performances at the League and the School games were not alluring, the coaching staff believes in the consecration of wrestling.

‘The purpose is to prepare better than last year, exceed all parameters and to eradicate the mistakes that appeared in the former period. We are ready to take a great leap and there we go. ‘

Therefore, the athletes train hard everyday, for their techniques and grips cement the intended objectives.

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