Cinco de Septiembre Showroom opened in Cienfuegos

Cinco de Septiembre Showroom opened in CienfuegosThe 28th “Cinco de Septiembre” Showroom was inaugurated in Cienfuegos City, fitting the commemorative activities devoted to the rise in arms that took place that day (September 5th) but in 1957.

The event constitutes homage from the artists to those heroes from that action carried out by the Cienfuegos population in 1957, when the city rose in arms against Fulgencio Batista´s dictatorship.

Almost a hundred works contest in the Showroom that opens every year and results a spring to stimulate the artists´ sensitivity, making it easier for them to show their work and establish dialogues.

A full multiplicity of resources and diversity of expressive languages are present in this exposition that for the first time opened its profile and included valuable collective projects which vouch for artistic individuality and that were exposed in other places.

Expositions, collateral samples, moments for analysis and reflection as well as the presentation of books, are part of the program.

“Problematics of Contemporary Cuban Art”; “The institutional projection of Art in Cuba“; and “The body and the narrative: communities in Cuban art”, are topics within the theoretical space of the program.

In its opening day, the book “Aguas benditas”(Holy waters) from art critic Rufo Caballero was presented by Rubén del Valle, President of the National Council for Expressive Arts.

The cultural event will echo until next October 4th, since several showrooms will remain open fitting the expositions: the Provincial Center for Arts, the Boulevard Gallery, Velas Theater Room and “Mateo Torriente” Gallery, at UNEAC.

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