Cinfuegos province doubled its commitment for the “small sugar cane harvest”

Cinfuegos province doubled its commitment for the "small sugar cane harvest"The “14 de Julio” sugar enterprise doubled its sugar production plan intended for the end of this year, in its endeavor for producing about 4 500 tons.

During the period that goes from the star to the end of the year and known among the Cuban sugar producers as the small sugar cane harvest, the mill had planned to obtain 1 900 tons. By doubling the amount this industry also located as the first in the country regarding efficiency.

“Grinding at high industrial efficiency  rates enabled us to obtain 700 tons of sugar above the plan; that is to say, we have made the most out of sugar cane and through this concept we have saved 7 000 tons of sugar cane”, assured engineer Amaury Rodríguez, Director of Maintenance.

The mill, located in Lajas municipality, was the first in initiating the harvest in this province last December 13th and intends to fulfill its commitment as it did last year, when its performance was considered as one of the most stable ones in the country.

Once again this industry kept its successful strategy based on excellent preparation: total repair labors, good harvest drills and anticipating the starting moment in ten days, in order to take advantage of the climate and the low temperatures that “ripen” the sugar cane. As results, it is the Cuban enterprise that maintains in zero the time waste parameter and improves in 12 days its harvest period.

“Last year we only had 7% of wasted time and this year we intend to surpass our own record and stay as leaders again”, assured the official.

The “14 de Julio” sugar Enterprise increased its sugar cane fields efficiency from 17 tons per hectare to over 30 and will grind over 264 000 tons of this product until next April.

During this first month of the year other 2 mills will start their harvests: “Cinco de Septiembre”, in Rodas municipality and “Antonio Sánchez” in Aguada de Pasajeros.

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