Continuity of studies for ninth graders: a current issue for Cienfuegos´ families

Continuity of studies for ninth graders: a current issue for Cienfuegos´ familiesFor years the kindness of the Cuban educational system enabled that over 50% of students who graduated from Junior High Schools in Cienfuegos accessed Senior High School level with almost no sacrifices.

However, the transformations that are being implemented this year by the Ministry of Education (MINED) brought about changes in this situation.

“Next school course in Cienfuegos province only 1840 students will access senior high school education; the rest, around 62% will register for polytechnic education while others will prepare to become qualified workers in the areas of agronomy, construction and in our particular case the development of the petro chemical pole will also offer some majors within the industrial profile”, informed Félix Colina, provincial director of Education.

“The reduction of the registration in senior high schools responds to the fact that the plans for accessing college education have been completed. Now there is a need of creating production awareness in our people. Men and women that in the future foster the agricultural production and the construction labor of the society”, added the official.

Now, as it has always should be, academic results define the professional future of the new generations. Then, one could wonder how ninth graders and their relatives assimilated these sudden changes, taking into account that this is the case of teenagers who cannot recover the time wasted.

“I not always had good teachers; besides, anyone could easily enter a senior high school before. Think of this, I was number 98 in the list of my school and we only got 69 positions to enter senior high school. Now I don´t know what to study because I don´t like neither masonry nor agronomy. My parents dreamed I would become an architect, you can imagine how they are feeling”- comments a student from “” Junior High.

“I think it is a good thing that the educational system gets perfected. I consider we lacked effort while studying although sometimes classes didn´t have the expected quality. The real thing is we got served. Hopefully it will become a lesson for those who come next “, expressed another student from the same school.

“Changes always bring about contradictions. But we could not delay them any longer. The one thing Cuban families can be sure about is that all their children will have offers to keep studying. Only that this time profiles will change and academic level will constitute a demand. Of course, this leads to have the most professional teachers and professors and in this direction we taking our steps. “- added the provincial director of education in Cienfuegos.

This is just the beginning of rearranging the Cuban educational system which will undoubtedly require an efficient and permanent work of vocational orientation so that the future technicians and workers love their labor and become useful to the society.

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