Cruces municipality in Cienfuegos shows excellent public health indicators

Cruces municipality in Cienfuegos shows excellent public health indicatorsSince 2008 the public health services at Cruces municipality in Cienfuegos hold the distinction of Moral Staff. Such award, vouched by the opinion of the very people of the village, multiplied in these 2 years of commitment of the over 2000 workers who labor in the municipality´s health net.

Opportune vigilance, efficient medication delivery according to different population groups and traced diseases along with the continuous active research in patients showing respiratory symptoms elevated the quality of life of the inhabitants.

As for providing example: The municipality shows a 0 rate in infant and motherly mortality, the latter sustained since 1996. Elements like these as excellent health indicators that corroborate the correct performance of primary health care in the so called Land of the Mills.

“External consults in the territory have considerably increased. The best measure standard for this is the Emergency Room at “Manuel Piti Fajardo” University Polyclinic, which has shown a noticeable decrease in emergency consults. Most of the patients attended are identified between the yellow and red codes; the cases that really require the emergency services”- explains municipal Health Care official María Teresa Santos.

The health sector in Cruces is an example among its kind in Cienfuegos. Their devotion towards their labor earned them the award of First Place in the provincial emulation for the July 26th celebration; another reason for inspiration and commitment to their people.

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