Cuban Vice-president exhorted to guarantee stability in production of cement

Cuban Vice-president exhorted to guarantee stability in production of cementThe Cienfuegos Cements Factory S.A. keeps its productions for both, national consumption and exports.  That was the impression taken by Vice president of the States and Ministers Councils, Commander of the Revolution Ramiro Valdés Menéndez, in the visit he paid to this 30- year- old plant.

The biggest industry of its kind in the country, Cementos Cienfuegos broke its own record. It produced over a million tons of clinker by the end of 2009, main export production of this facility.

So far this year it keeps its efficiency indicators, which could be corroborated by who is also the  Minister of Communications, Ramiro Valdés  Menéndez.

Valdés Menéndez pointed out the reactivation of the infra structure for maintenance and repair works, so that the factory stabilize the productions intended for the housing construction system of the country.

The official was also interested on the quality of the productions and the reduction of contaminating emissions to the environment. The plant is currently implementing an integrated system that regulates both aspects.

The also member of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party visited the Petro- houses factory, where its head staff explained that they expect the arrival of the 100% of the equipment to begin the assembling and once ready, they will be able to produce over 2 000 modules for houses a year, besides carpentry work and a line of artificial wood for furniture.

At Camilo Cienfuegos Oil refinery, Valdés Menéndez evaluated the advance of projects related to the Petro- Chemical Pole and insisted on the fulfillment of the labors chronograms and the rational use of human and material resources.

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