Cultural activities for October in Cienfuegos

Cultural activities for October in CienfuegosThe cultural movement taking place in Cienfuegos from next October 10th, commemorating the Day of the National Culture, will be wide.  This is celebrated every year on October 20th.

This time the festivities will be devoted to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the triumph of the Revolution, the Cuban Institute for Art and Cinematographic Industry, the Cuban National Printing House and Casa de las Américas.

The Provincial Chorus Festival “Sing my song” will take place in Cienfuegos city from October 12th to October 14th, hosted by Tomás Terry Theater, with the aim of showing the best of the work carried out by the amateur artists’ movement in the revitalization and development of bands that cultivate choral music.

The proposal comes from the Provincial Center of Culture Houses, an entity that will also organize a Casino Dance Rounds Festival at the Ceremony Square on October 20th.

The tribute from Cienfuegos people to the Day of the National Culture will spread out to the different municipalities within the territory. For instance, Cumanayagua will host the Oral Narrative Event “Cumanayagua Tells…” from October 15th.

On the other hand, the Provincial Board for Fine Arts and municipality authorities form Cruces will carry out the 3rd workshop “Carving to the Wind” from October 13th to 31st. This event will comprise three important moments: the Workshop on Wood Carving, the Live Carving Contest and a Theoretical Workshop on Cuban Handicraft.

Other cultural activities will be run by the Books and Literature Provincial Center, its associate Cultural Heritage, UNEAC and the Film Center, which prepares a sample of the most relevant movies from Cuban film- making.

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