Debate in Cienfuegos mountains on community work in Cuba

Debate in Cienfuegos mountains on community work in CubaFor two days the venue of the group Teatro Los Elementos, located in El Jovero mountain village, hosted art representatives from the province and the rest of the country to analyze essential topics regarding community work.

Several cultural promoters, art instructors and representatives from institutions that one way or the other are related with the promotion and fostering of cultural labor in communities attended the event.

The analysis responded to statements made by people representatives in the Commission for Education, Culture, Science and Technology within the Cuban Parliament. Villa Clara was the first province to carry out the activity, Cienfuegos the second one and so on it will be developed in every territory in order to analyze the topics based on the experiences shown in these workshops taken to the National Assembly.

The event that took place in the Pearl of the South enabled awareness on the particularities of a place which is emblematic due to its geographical features, as well as fostering agro ecological productions and ways of preserving the environment, showing identity values of the area.

The workshop acknowledged the existing potential in the island for the development of community cultural work , the need of generating sustainability in the projects taken, the lack of a solid connection to carry out the programs to community levels.

PhD in Social Sciences Fernando Agüero Contreras made emphasis on how the communication model to be used in community work should be in correspondence with a prior study regarding the geographical and sociocultural characteristics of the place in which the cultural community project is carried out. On the other hand, PhD José Ramón Gómez Cobelo emphasized on the fact that every cultural community project should be supported by state organisms involved in strategic designs for the preservation of the environment.

Oriol González, Director of the cultural Project Los Elementos, who has led for 20 years the program “Jovero Verde” (english Green Jovero), stressed the unity in the staff, knowing the cultural dimension of the project.

The President of the Permanent Commission for Education, Culture, Science and Technology in the National Assembly of People´s Power, Leonardo Cabeza Rodríguez, acknowledged the praiseworthy labor of those who work there and the ones that support them.

Now-a-days the cultural project “El Jovero Verde”, in Cumanayagua municipality is known worldwide, having an impact even in Latin American events, reason why it constitutes a paradigm for the country.

Cienfuegos is one of the first provinces in the country involving in integrated community work, in a unity of action towards a common aim: providing culture to keep alive our roots and idiosyncrasy.

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