Editorial from Cienfuegos will present four new titles at San Carlos de la Cabaña

Editorial from Cienfuegos will present four new titles at San Carlos de la CabañaFrom next February 10th to 20th the Havana´s International Book Fair will take place, during which the provincial editorials will be represented. The publishing houses from Cienfuegos will make their presentations on the 18th.

During the capital´s version of the most well attended Cuban cultural event, four new titles from “Mecenas” Editorial House in Cienfuegos will be presented at San Carlos de la Cabaña.

The audience will be able to acquire the historical research volumes “Legados perdurables, masonería en Cienfuegos 1878- 1902, (Everlasting legacies, masonry in Cienfuegos 1878- 1902) by Samuel Sánchez Gálvez, and “Inmigración, Economía y Sociedad”, (Immigration, Economy and Society) by Alejandro García.

Under the southern territorial seal children literature will also arrive: “El Gato sin Botas” and “Kíkiiriki”, by Alberto Rodríguez Copa and Jesús del Castillo, respectively.

The “Ariel”cultural magazine will be represented as well, by officials from its editorial board.

Havana´s International Book Fair has its main exposition facility at San Carlos de la Cabaña Fortress and other venues at Pabellón Cuba (Cuba Pavilion), spaces in which the publications from Cienfuegos editorial houses “Mecenas” and “Reina del Mar” (Sea Queen) will be sold.

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