“Escambray” Dairy Products achieves significant savings on power carriers

"Escambray" Dairy Products achieves significant savings on power carriers“Escambray” Dairy Products saved over 35 megawatts per hour without compromising the fulfillment of the plans conceived for the year in each and every one of its three plants.

The same occurs regarding the consumption of diesel and gasoline; by the end of September there were reported savings for over 18 tons of diesel and 6 tons of gasoline considering the same period in the previous year, guaranteed engineer Benigno González Alonso, the entity´s specialist on energy.

The enterprise´s three factories are receiving the most significant structural and technical transformations since its inauguration over 30 years ago and so it is regarding its automotive stock.

Such improvements have a positive impact on the results, but they would be irrelevant without the workers´ determination, explains engineer Daimi Frómeta Ibáñez, Specialist A on Food Industry processes.

Although we achieved significant savings on power carriers, the industry reaches its highest registered production levels after the ´90´s, stated engineer Leandro Luís Rodríguez Monteagudo, Specialist A on Food Industry processes.

Since April, the entity is applying a Plan for Energy Contingency that includes over thirty measures; among the most effective ones can be mentioned: to paralyze the biggest possible amount of equipment during the power rush hour as long as the production process allows so, readjust the days and schedules for extracting ice-cream form the freezers and to guarantee the efficiency of the refrigeration system equipment.

“Escambray” Dairy Products, located at Cumanayagua municipality in Cienfuegos, was inaugurated by Fidel Castro on July 26th 1975, and it comprises a plant for the elaboration of ice-cream, another one for the production of cheese and a pasteurizer for the elaboration of milk yogurt and soy bean yogurt, as well as fluid milk distributed within the retailer commerce.

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