Escambray Mountain Range: saving fuel and taking care of the environment

Escambray Mountain Range: saving fuel and taking care of the environmentWith the use of the water that used to be poured out in the sea in Escambray Mountain Range, 2000 megawatts/hour were generated in 2009, and thus over a thousand tons of carbon dioxide were not pumped into the atmosphere, in an action that contributes to the preservation and care of the environment.

Along with these contributions to the eco- system, almost 3 000 inhabitants from these mountains in Cienfuegos and 50 social and economic sites benefit from the services of the hydro energetic facilities of the area.

These equipment were affected for some time due to the technical wear and damages provoked by hurricanes, but the action of men, together with political commitment enabled the optimal recovery to achieve significant contributions in the substitution of imports.

The Basic Hydro energy Enterprise Unit of Cienfuegos, located in Cumanayagua municipality, which operates the facilities, is considered as the best results among its similar in the country when talking about the use of water as a renewable source of energy.

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