Excellent results obtained in Cienfuegos urban agriculture

Excellent results obtained in Cienfuegos urban agricultureSpecialists from the National Group for Urban Agriculture were impressed by the image currently present in the kitchen gardens, patios, parcels and semi- covered crop areas in Cienfuegos province.

The will to work joined the efforts; former errors were left I the past and in the 50th tour taken by the farming movement the seed of sacrifice has proved to bear fruit.  “Since three months ago we detected organizational and production insufficiencies in the territory. It is comforting to see how in the most difficult season to achieve results this province has recovered.  All the sub programs have solidified in the municipalities. This fact tells how much can be done when labor becomes endeavor”- stated PhD Adolfo Rodríguez Nodalz, Chief of the National Group for Urban Agriculture.

To mention some valid examples: in “La Calzada” Organic Material based garden in  Cienfuegos municipality, a full rehabilitation of the drainage system was carried out; a fast response that eliminated puddles and favored sanitary conditions for the crops commercialized in this unit.

State agriculture markets proved to be adequately supplied, showing an outstanding offer of nearly fifteen varieties of fruit. All in all, organization, diversification, adequate crop management and eagerness for knowledge can be noticed aiming for advance in all the subprograms within the farming activity.

The 8 municipalities of the province reached top qualification in urban agriculture and Aguada de Pasajeros, Abreus, Cruces and Cienfuegos, which are already inserted in suburban agriculture projects, were evaluated as Fine.

Returning to the country´s vanguard is a special gift for the population in Cienfuegos; the commitment now for those who integrate the farming movement is producing more vegetables to satisfy the people´s food requirements.

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