Excellent services at Pediatric Hospital in Cienfuegos

Excellent services at Pediatric Hospital in CienfuegosIt was reduced the waiting time in the Emergency Service at Cienfuegos pediatric Hospital, in which at least three specialists guarantee the attention required for each case.

Over 45 000 patients have received medical attention through this system, up to the current moment over 50% of the consults diagnosed acute respiratory infections, main cause for admission in this facility and stay in the Intensive Care Unit. MD Maritza Rodríguez Gubín, Vice- Director of the Hospital, pointed out that to achieve these results they designed a work strategy that enabled prioritizing those patients from 1-5 years old as well as those who live far from the city and the ones arriving with an unfavorable prognosis.

Other of the actions taken in order to enhance the infants´ quality of life in this territory enabled the over 8 000 external consults made, in which multidisciplinary attention to children suffering chronic diseases made possible dropping mortality rates up to 41.7% less as for a similar period of time the previous year. There it lays the close interrelation between doctors and nurses from the health areas to achieve adequate monitoring of the patients, which is one of the most important aspects in this stage.

In the search for perfecting their labor, they managed to drop in 0.1% the occurrence of infections while the patient is in the hospital and they achieved high survival rates at the ICU without complications due to invasive processes. This quality is proved in the survival rates of the so called vulnerable groups, as well as in the efforts and qualification of a staff that gives back the smile to many families in Cienfuegos.

And although Paquito González Cueto Pediatric Hospital achieved the lowest mortality rate in newborns in its history, the challenge of being distinguished by their excellent services became a commitment.

A struggle to accomplish economic efficiency and control, to raise even more the scientific level of the staff to increase life expectancy and defend every life using science as if it was their own.

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