Family medicine practice revitalized in Cienfuegos by reopening new consulting rooms

Family medicine practice revitalized in Cienfuegos by reopening new consulting roomsThe rescue of 372 consulting rooms fills with joy the hearts of the families in Cienfuegos province. Once again, the doctor and the nurse retake their social function within the communities.

These efforts are part of the reordering process currently carried out within health services in Cuba devoted to increasing both, efficiency and sustainability. The Family Doctors´ Consulting Rooms in Cienfuegos show today a renovating image. The purpose is to retaking the cornerstone ideas of this valuable program in which the doctor was not merely a facilitator but also a permanent caretaker regarding the health of his/her patients.

“We have seen the consulting rooms being painted and supplied with the resources required for primary medical assistance. They have the necessary equipment to practice the different treatments and techniques in the patients, something that had been lost. But the main thing is not the resources; what should always be present in a consulting room is the good will of doctors and nurses while providing high quality services to the population”, commented Emilio Delgado Iznaga, Healthcare Provincial Director in Cienfuegos.

In quite short time the healthcare professionals who are part of the family medicine program in Cienfuegos have managed to carry out the exhaustive diagnosis in each house within their areas.

“It has been very difficult; we have had to visit the homes out of working hours in order to updating every patient´s clinical record but we feel satisfied, since the physician is recovering importance in the community and at the same time we achieve greater health control and promotion in the people”, expressed MD Marisleidy Gómez, who works in a consulting room located in Aguada de Pasajeros municipality.

This is just the beginning; shortly other new consulting rooms will be opened, which will take primary healthcare to the Cienfuegos population. The challenge is difficult but there are motivations to give back light to this health humanitarian program that holds the mission of guarding permanently the health of our people.

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