Ferrer Palace: jewel of Cienfuegos

Ferrer Palace: jewel of CienfuegosOne of the youngest provinces in Cuba is Cienfuegos, born in 1819 from French settlers. Today it is a beautiful city with an important historical downtown awarded by UNESCO as World Heritage. It looks at the Caribbean Sea and its beauty lays on the buildings that ornament it and were made based on the growing wealth of its illustrious inhabitants. One of these buildings is the Ferrer Palace, a mansion hard to miss that ornaments the city.

It was built in barely a year by Catalonian José Ferrer Sires, a very wealthy man. The Cuban architect hired gave life to a two- level small palace modern Catalonian style whose second floor contains all ornaments missing in the first.

It was so since the first floor was destined as warehouse for merchandise while the second received all attentions in terms of enameled tiles, marbles, pieces of art,forge and other details. The wealthy merchant lived up here and he had his business downstairs in a tradition of living and working in the same location, which was quite common in that epoch in this city.

Painted in blue and white it fits the sky in the clear days and if you see it from another nearby building it fits the sea. It is an elegant palace, located on the corner of Martí Park, the heart of Cienfuegos, but unfortunately the Ferrer family could never enjoy it since when the labors were finished they decided to move to Havana, a more prosperous city back then and the palace was abandoned for a while until it passed to another wealthy family, the Caciedo, who lived there until the 70´sin the 20th century.

The simple part of the first level was soon occupied by businesses including a drugstore that even survived the Revolution. The second floor, more elegant, became a Community Center for a while but it must be closed due to deterioration. After a restoration process it was opened as such, and if you can, my suggestion is for you to climb to its vantage point, because from there you will enjoy quite beautiful landscapes of the city.

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