Fishermen from Cienfuegos prepare their gear for shrimp campaign

Fishermen from Cienfuegos prepare their gear for shrimp campaignAlthough the end of the closed season for shrimp fishing will take place in January, the Cienfuegos Industrial Fishing Enterprise enables its praparation in terms of gear and resources to initiate the campaign in the forseen moment.

In the current moments, some of the ships tha integrate the shrimp fleet in Cienfuegos are being repaired in the facilities of the Southern Shipyard Enterprise (spanish acronym ASTISUR), which will enable raising the efficiency during the fishing journeys as well as the life conditions of the fishermen.

As for the rest of November and next December the aim is that the totality of the Dutch modern ships acquired by the enterprise several years ago get repair and maintenance works at ASTISUR, a fleet that works in the seas South from , in the Jardines de la Reina zone.

During the last shrimp campaign the fishermen from the Cienfuegos Industrial Fishing Enterprise (spanish acronym EPICIEN) managed to surpass the shrimp capture plans, as well as other species of the surrounding marine fauna used for the elaboration of ground products, croquettes and other types of food for the population.
Encouraged by the victory spirit, the workers of the fishing sector in Cienfuegos get ready for the end of the shrimp closed season to sail away and capture as many tons as possible of this export branch that gives millions of dollars to the national economy.

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