Flu Vaccination Campaign carried out in Cienfuegos

Flu Vaccination Campaign carried out in Cienfuegos This Wednesday the Flu Vaccination Campaign, which protects against viruses AH1N1, H3N2 and Season Influenza B, began in Cienfuegos province.

The general population and risk groups more vulnerable to be vaccinated include people over 85 years old, those staying in Senior Homes, facilities for the physically and mentally handicapped, poultry workers and pregnant women registered after last May.

This time it will be only one dose and minor agers, Health workers, asthma patients are not included. M.D. Sady Suárez del Villar, Chief of the Vaccination against the Infectious Neurological Syndrome Program in the southern territory, stressed the importance of accomplishing observation up to one hour after the application of the injection.

The official assured to Radio Ciudad del Mar (local radio station) that conditions are created in the habitual vaccination stations and even the most isolated settlements and people who cannot leave their beds will be reached by nurses who will guarantee the administration of the vaccine.

The main objective of the current Flu Vaccination national Campaign from January 26th to February 14th is to diminish severe occurrence of influenza and mortality due to pneumonia, which is the fourth cause of death in the southern territory.

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