Folk Singer Nelson Valdés opened 2011 program at Tomás Terry Theater

Tomás Terry Theater” src=”images/stories/cultura/trovador-nelson-valdez7.jpg” alt=”Folk Singer Nelson Valdés opened 2011 program at Tomás Terry Theater” width=”236″ height=”161″ />Folk Singer Nelson Valdés opened the 2011 concerts program at Tomás Terry Theater in a show to which he invited Rolando Rivera, young singer that due to his talent and sympathy is making his way in this artistic manifestation.

Valdés, who has had a vertiginous musical career, sang some of his distinctive songs as well as others included in his last CD “A la mitad del mundo” recorded at “Eusebio Delfín” studios in Cienfuegos by the end of last year.

As for the coming months, this CD, musically directed by Antuán Núnez and sponsored by Bis Music record label, will be released with the aim of presenting it in the biggest record event in the country: Cubadisco.

As information to the audience, the video clip of the song “Labios en cruz” directed by well- known filmmaker Alfredo Ureta, is in process to be presented at “Lucas” TV show.

Eleven songs from his inspiration and an anthological one, homage to traditional folk music “Luna cienfueguera”, by José Ramón Muñiz, are compiled in the CD.

Congas, merengues and ballads form the fusion with which this artist presents his musical perspective, sustained in his folk music tradition and the contemporary sonorities.

To “Nelsito” (little Nelson), as he is lovingly known, making this CD was a tough battle. “I am very happy since it goes around all my work, although unfortunately many songs were left aside; I hope there will be a second one soon. But the main thing in my opinion is that the CD moves a lot from song to song; the sonority, the rhythms and especially the way of saying things; the musicality of this CD is great, I am satisfied with this labor.”

Guitar in hand, this young man does not escape from the reality he authentically reflects in his beautiful poetry.

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