Food self- supply is a real possibility

Food self- supply is a real possibilityCienfuegos farmers assure possible the food self- supply, as response to the needs of the country. In Palmira municipality, Francisco González Hernández is an example of it.

This farmer gets from the land everything he needs to live. That is why, when the municipal directorate of ANAP in Palmira approached him, he did not hesitate in joining the farmers that make sure food self- supply in the territory.

He assures that he is included among the Revolution farmers and thus, when the country´s direction stated the need of obtaining from Cuban soils what was being imported from abroad, he responded as a true Cuban, with the hoe on shoulder.

With the remains of the last rain still glowing in the sowing fields, the Hope Farm (Spanish Finca La Esperanza) receives the new seeds. Francisco is one of the producers who extend the crop of rice outside Aguada de Pasajeros municipality, home of the so called white gold.

Yet, he affirms that devoting to only one crop is wasting this great treasure. Formerly, 1.5 tons of beans and tobacco were harvested here. This farmer has also made contracts to deliver corn for enterprises of the territory.

His experience tells him, however, that today it is urgent not only to increase productions, but to plan them according to the social demand and the real possibilities of state distributors.

The land provides him with food and shelter, states Francisco, it is only a matter of preparing it properly and guarantee the seeds.

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