Foretold biggest ice-cream production since 1990 at “Escambray” Dairy Products

Foretold biggest ice-cream production since 1990 at “Escambray" Dairy ProductsOver 1 million 664 000 gallons of ice-cream were produced within the first nine months of the current year at “Escambray” Dairy Products, located in Cumanayagua; the amount surpasses the production registered in a similar period in 2008.

This year we intend to produce 2 millions 200 000 gallons; in this way we will fulfill the plans for a 3% and we will surpass the actual precedent production; if our predictions are accomplished, we would achieve the best results since 1990, stated engineer Carlos Abreu Ordóñez, Director of the Ice-cream Plant.

We are only facing difficulties to fulfill the plan for foreign currency acquisition because we lack the specialized means of transportation for moving our products, although we take different alternatives such as to sell it to the Specialized Net of Gastronomy and Mini-markets; expressed Abreu Ordóñez.

At present they are concluding the civil construction stage of the plant´s new laboratory and before the end of December they intend to acquire over half the necessary equipment required for the factory to be considered Competent. Its starting stage will allow the detection of failures in the production process that might attempt against the quality and safeness of the products they elaborate.

Although the facilities of the plant have been recently enhanced, its technological system is still the same as when it was inaugurated 34 years ago. The inventiveness of the Maintenance Staff enables the plant to perform at a good equipment availability to produce nearly 30 % of the ice-cream consumed in the country.

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