Futsal Summer Cup in Cienfuegos

Futsal Summer Cup in CienfuegosAs every year, the Futsal Sumer Cup takes place in Cienfuegos, traditional tournament hosted by the Guernika Room at Frontón Court. This time 20 teams participate, representing different neighborhoods and popular councils of the city plus a team from Cumanayagua municipality and another one from the Provincial Prison, already habitual in these competitions.

William Benet, technical head coach of soccer national teams, attended one of the competition days, praising the particularities of the event. “I really didn´t expect that futsal could generate such activity here, that it could have so many teams and fans. These full terracing is a proof of it and it works on the development of both disciplines since it enables the formation of a great number of skill. It wouldn´t be crazy to intend that soccer athletes could enter these tournaments”.

The member of the National Board visiting Cienfuegos assessed the situation of soccer in general.

“Cienfuegos lives a great moment and soccer has good health. We met the trainers, coaches, officials and members of the team that will participate in the National Tournament to be initiated on September 20th, and we got the certainty that there is unity, commitment and will to do what it takes. I have no doubt Cienfuegos will continue being powerful in this sport”.

Divided in 4 qualification groups, the teams that participate in the Summer Cup compete to reach 2 positions given in each group to get to the next phase and fight for medals. The final day is scheduled for the beginning of November.

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