Goat milk: new option for the benefit of Cienfuegos population

Goat milk: new option for the benefit of Cienfuegos populationPeople from all over the city get to the populous Villuendas Park, where one of the sell stands is located (the other one is in Buena Vista housing project), looking for this product. In Cienfuegos, a lot of people access goat milk in moderate prices. And if by the beginning of the current year there was a chance of not getting it, the situation now is different.

The production, which by January was around 1000 liters, surpasses 40 000 liters in this moment. Specialist from the Provincial Enterprise for Minor Cattle (Spanish acronym EGAME), Milagros Ercia, explains that the production leap took place since the moment in which it was decided in the country to increase the amount of animal food delivered to the producers for every liter of milk; from one pound to one kilogram between podder and pasture.

At “Jorge Alfonso” Credits and Services Cooperative Unit (spanish CCS), the bigger producer of the country, Regimo Hernández, keeps an average superior to a liter per animal. In his farm “La Carolina”, in the outskirts of Cienfuegos city, the daily contribution reaches 200 liters of milk.

“We have achieved these results mainly by enhancing the race; we have made cattle breeding to obtain animals from fine milk races and we also developed pasture cultivation, among them the leucaena, the ct-115, a variety obtained by the Animal Science Institute in Cuba“, states Regino while we watch the milking process of over 100 goats.

The EGAME in the territory, an Enterprise that in the last 5 years has grown significantly, enlarges its productive basis. With the delivery of lands as usufruct, the amount of farmers devoted to this activity grows, such as the case of Regino.

The increase in the amount of milk delivered by the cooperative and farming sectors enables the occurrence of other variants for the benefit of the population.

Milagros Ercia, one of the specialists from EGAME who attend directly this program, assures that currently part of the goat milk collected is destined to the production of yogurt, a product of great acceptance in the population. Ercia states that some productions have been made as trial and people keep asking everyday when this product will be on sale again. According to specialized studies, goat milk is a lot more digestible than the cow´s. the smaller sixe of its protein and fat make it a lot easier for our enzymes to digest it.

People who are lactose intolerants from cow milk may consult a physician on whether they can consume or not goat milk since it has low levels of lactose and casein. Fro some cases this is a valid alternative.

The fat acids contained in the goat milk have a metabolic quality with a unique capacity of limiting cholesterol deposits in body tissue. Traditionally, it has been given to babies and children who do not tolerate cow milk. Always ask a pediatrician first. Either as yogurt or milk, the sale of this product satisfies today a growing number of consumers.

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