Graduates from Cienfuegos Computing School teach for the first time

Graduates from Cienfuegos Computing School teach for the first time The role of Lexis Martínez changed from one school course to the other. Yesterday, she attended to classes; today, she is the one delivering the lessons.  “The fist day I was very nervous. But I pulled out all my courage and said to myself I had to do it right. The main thing is that I am willing to do it and so far my students respect me”, comments this young girl.

The same happened to Yexenia,  Dayexis and David. They are all part of the group of 170 students graduated from the Computing Polytechnic School in Cienfuegos, who were attracted and prepared to deliver classes on the subjects Spanish and History in the technical- professional level of teaching in the province.

“I like Computing since I was a child. But, you know… I had to step forward. The Revolution needs me so I must do my nest to fulfill the task – explains one of the boys prepared to teach classes. I am lucky I come from a family of teachers. I´m beginning now and many things get difficult. But I´m sure that experience will come with time”- states firmly.

This year besides delivering lessons they have the chance of preparing for college entry tests. If they pass, they could register in the University of Pedagogical Sciences to become Bachelors in Education in one of the subjects they teach.

According to Cándida Ferrer, Principal of “José Gregorio Martínez” Computing Polytechnic School in Cienfuegos, this group of young people are quite interested in the work they do; they are getting constant advisory from their tutors and the final result in the classroom is encouraging. We are thinking that in the future this process ends as an excellent source to form educators.

Here we have a new generation of Cubans. Lexis and her friends are young people who assume responsibly the difficult task of teaching, even though they still have a lot to learn.

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