Growing number of farmers from Cienfuegos devoted to bull fattening

Growing number of farmers from Cienfuegos devoted to bull fatteningIn Lajas municipality in Cienfuegos province is being proved that cattle breeding can also be a task for women, and that productions can actually be increased when love and endeavor are added to the labors.

It might seem that bull fattening is not a task for females, but Odalys Rodríguez dodges down prejudice.

Out of the 105 animals from her farm, she is in charge of 80, according to her contract; her husband takes the rest. However, what corresponds to one or the other only counts for this reporter since they work as one. Next delivery, quite close in time, will complete 50 tons of meat in the two years they have been related to this agricultural program.

With a high percentage of fattening per animal, they assure they do not use any kind of fodder. 80% sugar cane and 20% kingrass make up the feeding balance.

They also manage to send fresh milk for the community cellars, which seems to be an easy task for them, who claim to be familiarized with broncos taming.

These lands are famous in Lajas municipality due to their productivity, enriched by affection and hard work.

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