Growing production of beef in Cienfuegos

Growing production of beef in CienfuegosIntended in a greater percentage for the national meat industry and also for the market in hard currency, the production of beef shows a growing tendency in Cienfuegos province.

This growing tendency indicates obtaining around 6 700 tons by the end of 2010; and 7000 tons by the end of 2011.

With “El flamenco” bull fattening farm, Horquita livestock unit reaches 12 of these facilities. Although mainly devoted to varied crops, this enterprise efficiently diversifies its productions.

The knowledge of these cattle ranchers enables one of the highest percentages of fattening per animal in the province. The feeding strategy combines fodder to a lower degree and pasture with other elements stored in silos.

“In the silos we store crops remains: malanga, sweet potato; and besides that we are sowing some hectares with sugar cane and kingrass that will provide food in during draughts without any expenses in terms of machinery”, explains Jorge Luís García, manager of the Yaguaramas Basic Enterprise Unit, part of the Horquita Varied Crops Enterprise.

During the last year, nearly 200 farmers have joined this activity in the territory of Cienfuegos. Up to this moment around 400 tons of beef have been delivered surpassing the 2009 mark; 95% of this amount in tended for the national meat industry, the rest for the hard currency market.

Now, cow fattening is being encouraged. Sacrificing heavier animals will favour the production increase, assure the specialists.

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