Growing up- keeping possibilities in Cienfuegos

Growing up- keeping possibilities in CienfuegosNew specialties were incorporated at Joseph Tantet Dubruillier Crafts School, appertaining to the Curator´s Office of Cienfuegos City; which Historical Urban Center was declared Cultural Heritage of Mankind in 2005.

Courses for Gardening and Forging will join those of Brickwork, Carpentry, Glasswork and Dry walling, other options offered by the institution in the opening academic year, initiated in September 2008.

In this moment, the roll of the school raises to 61 students, 23 “seniors” and 38 “freshmen” who will obtain in two years from now their corresponding certificate as qualified workers in the different specialties.

“Here I learn techniques that will later work as the basis for more advanced studies”, states 23- year- old Yusniel Villafaña; who takes Brickwork- related subjects.

During the pre- professional practice, which represents most of the curricular syllabus, the students acquire knowledge in different entities and organizations such as the Enterprise for Solutions in Mechanics (Spanish SOMEC) and Community Services.

The students´ ages go from 17- 29 and, once graduated, they will become members of the brigade for the city´s restoration; which is in charge of rescuing and keeping the hereditary assets of the city. This is an indispensable practice to ratify the category granted by UNESCO.

“Within the next few years we intend to prepare technicians on mural painting, archaeology and restoration”, explained Odalys González Matamoros, professor of the institution.

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