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hecho-mano-cfg3Until next October 31st the Festival of the Cuban Association for Craftmen and Artists (spanish acronym ACCA) will be held in Cienfuegos, fitting the National Culture Day and dedicated to ACCA´s 20th anniversary and to our Five Cuban Heroes imprisoned in the empire.

The event is legited by the artistic excellence of “Salón Hecho a Mano” (english Hand Made Showroom) located at Boulevard Gallery in Cienfuegos city as one of the main actions regarding the initiative of the Cuban handcraft.

The showroom, qualified as the best among the eleven editions of this event, is an expression of the potential of craftmen- artists. Motivations, techniques and tendencies assure the labor of Cienfuegos´creators who move from resourceful solutions to those closer to the deep popular roots, assimilating and enriching tradition in current contexts.

Due to the quality of the works presented, the jury had to give, for the first time, a Great Award for each specialty, besides collateral mentions and acknowledgements. The Great Awards went to Odalys Pérez and Maykel Rodríguez, for the series “Florones” (Big flowers) and the piece “Nacimiento” (The birth), respectively.

The excellent products and aesthetic value of the series“Humidores” by Jorge Luis Peñate, granted this artist the Miscelaneus Award, a division he shared with “La vida en caracoles” (Life in snails) by Eugenia Reyes.

Craftmen Freddy Reyes and Caridad Abella also shared the award devoted to their work on fiber.

The work “Alabanza al amor” (Praise to love), by Olivia Campillo, was the best within patches works and in textile confections the work of María Sánchez Peña was cknowledged due to its excellence.

Ijn the dolls division Humberto Pérez won the award while Rejeanne Chiasson and Maritza Suárez won it on homespun category.

“El Gallo” (The rooster) carving by Marcos Fernández outstood in its category and on metal works Fidel Palacios did the same with his series “Elementos” (Elements)

In ceramics the award went to “Atavismos” by Grethell Barreras; in papier mache the work “Naturaleza es vida” (Nature is life) by Gisela Bermúdez and in leather the award went to Trilogía (Trilogy) by Alberto Arano and Renzo Díaz.

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